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Customize Your Horizontal Sundial

Your latitude, choice of motto, and more.

Input your latitude in degrees (like 45) or degrees and minutes (like 45 32) or degrees, minutes and seconds (like 45 30 54). Don't use decimal fractions. If you're in the southern hemisphere use a minus sign.
Your latitude?

Everthing below here can be left as is.


If you have a one line motto put it in the second line of the form. If you want more than two lines you can do it if you're feeling bold. To put more than one line on one line of the form use )( to seperate the lines, e.g. Roses are red)(Violets are blue)(I know I like sundials)(I hope you do too. Also, below, you'll probably want to choose to not include the graph of the equation of time.

Enter the name of your location:

Input your longitude. Leave it blank if you don't want longitude "correction".

If you entered your longitude above then enter the longitude of the standard meridian of your time zone, probably a multiple of 15. Don't make it blank. If you don't know what it is then you'd better not enter your longitude above.

Do you want to include a graph of the equation of time?
Yes No

Do you want your dial to show daylight saving time?
No Yes