Latitudes range from 25 to 65 degrees north. At this point you have to point your browser to like, (but substitute the name cap, ring, cyl, or ana and the nearest latitude which is divisible by five. So, for example, Denver's residents at 39 degrees (I think) would want cap40.pdf, ring40.pdf, etc.)

Testing 1, 2, 3

BUT... will the forces of commercial avarice, as usual, derail my efforts to give away free sundials? Will the links below open in frames which don't print right? Curses! Probably. Well, you can look, anyway.

cap45.pdf Capuchin dial

ring45.pdf Ring dial

cyl45.pdf Cylinder dial and a template to help center the gnomon on the soup can.

ana45.pdf Analemmatic dial

combo45.pdf Analemmatic dial combined with Andrew Rogers' horizontal dial

eqdial2.pdf Equatorial dial--this one's the same for all latitudes

Other fun stuff

Andrew Rogers' very cool dodecahedron desk calender.
PDF or PostScript

A very cool paper slide rule by an A. Kinsman.
PDF or PostScript

A baritone uke chord chart in PDF